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Major Changes in the last Feature Packages (FP) and Enhancements to the Web Client
Idit Saguey, SAP Business One Product Expert at SAP

Starting from SAP Business One 10.0 release in April 2020, continuous innovation has been delivered via feature packages of SAP Business One 10.0 on a quarterly basis. This feature packages (FP) include new functionalities as well as corrections and legal changes. The SAP Business One Web Client is one of the key functionalities of the latest release of SAP Business One. The new Web Client means you can now access the system through web browsers (such as Chrome or Firefox), from your mobile devices such as laptops or tablets, as opposed to having to rely on third-party web clients. Join this session to learn about new core SAP Business One functionality and the latest Web Client enhancements with Idit Saguey, SAP Business One Product Expert at SAP


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